Thursday, November 22, 2012

Monday, October 17, 2011

Peltzer Farms Once Again

We went to our yearly trip to the Peltzer Farms! It was loads of fun and the kids ran wild...(literally) Corbin will now smile somewhat for cameras but not really look in your direction. He is a man of little words and a lot of action. He is a sweet boy who doesn't understand his own strength. (and that we don't give squeezing hugs around the neck) He means well but he really is a curious little Goerge. I have my hands overflowing with him:)

McKenna is a princess to the core. She loves to pose, wear high heels, wear frilly dresses, and loves her pretty hair bows. She wants her name to be Anna, or Bailey...she thinks her name isn't cute enough. She tells me all the time that people won't think it's beautiful! I am already making her stand in front of a mirror reciting I am beautiful...Heaven help me she is only 41/2!

Kenna and Corbin's Besty Candice!

He did not want to leave the horses...threw a big fit!

Good 'ol Justin given me a good time!

Justin running around the corners scaring the girls for a good photo op.

Corbin is scared of the dark so had to ride with Mommy...then Kenna got tired of Daddy scaring her trying to hitch a ride with Mom too!

Last on the agenda was feeding the pets!

Fun With Anties and Ucles

I just love, love, loooovvee when my family comes to visit!!! We had soo much fun with Uncle Levent and Aunt Dana! My kids especially love you two so much, its too cute!
Hands Free kids atacking me!

It was a fight for Uncle Levent's attention...hold me hold me....Sorry guys, at least you know now how energized I always

Needing assitance please?!

Enjoying some stinky time in the hole in the wall cave...


Corbin loves to say WACH DIS!